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COINN Newsletter (March / April 2024) Journal of Neonatal Nursing.

Community of Neonatal Nursing Practice (CoNP)

2024 is in full swing and so is COINN. February saw the in-country launch of the Community of Neonatal Nursing Practice (CoNP) in Kenya and Zambia! What a wonderful experience. To be surrounded by passionate, committed health professionals who are truly making a difference in newborn lives is truly humbling. The CoNP is growing with over 300 members representing 79 countries spanning all continents except Antarctica. This site currently is only in English, but we are hoping soon to expand to French with a few evidence-based resources in Spanish. We must continue to work together to improve health outcomes for the small and sick newborn and their families. It is the perfect place for sharing ideas, asking questions, and telling the amazing stories of nursing globally.

COINN Denmark

The 11th COINN International Neonatal Nursing Conference (COINN 2024)” Supporting Closeness Building Relations” [Fig. 1] in collaboration with colleagues from the Danish neonatal nurses and local hosts from Aalborg University Hospital will be held in Aalborg, Denmark 6–8 May 2024 [Fig. 2]. We invite all colleagues around the world to join us in beautiful Aalborg. The Call for Abstracts is now closed. For more information and registration please go to


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