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COINNN 2024 - General information about the conference and conference activities.

On behalf of the COINN 2024 organizing committee, we are delighted to welcome delegates, presenters, and exhibitors, all who care for the small and sick newborn, to join us in beautiful Aalborg, Denmark for COINN 2024 held in collaboration with the Danish Neonatal Nurses Organization. We come together five years after the last COINN conference in New Zealand to celebrate once more Neonatal Nursing with our

post-pandemic theme of supporting closeness and building relations.

Your valuable contribution will enrich our gathering and enhance the exchange of knowledge and expertise in neonatal care. Your dedication to the field of neonatal nursing is truly commendable, and we eagerly anticipate your presentation.

We are very happy and proud to welcome you to Aalborg, Denmark for COINN 2024!

General information for COINN 2024 conference participants
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