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World Prematurity Day 17th November 2022

It’s almost time to mark World Prematurity Day on 17 November #WPD22

WPD provides an opportunity every year to focus on the global impact of prematurity and is part of the collective neonatal nursing focus that runs over a few months and is heralded in on 15 August with International Neonatal Nurses Day. It’s a day to acknowledge the families, both past and present, enduring the challenge that being born prematurely brings. It is not just the immediate challenges associated with premature birth, overcoming the odds, and graduating from NICU, but the ongoing challenges that are faced throughout childhood and into adulthood, as the legacy of prematurity is for life. Approximately fifteen million babies are born preterm each year It remains a sobering fact that one in ten babies are born premature.

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World Prematurity Day22
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